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The Wellness Outlet

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Current Well-Being Opportunity


November 1 to November 30

Get quality sleep rating of at least 7 for 15 days of this challenge.

To participate, login to the well-being portal here.

At The Richards Group it is a priority to continue developing a culture of wellbeing. Throughout 2019, employees will be able to participate in a variety of wellbeing program options such as a personal heath questionnaire, household sustainability survey, wellbeing challenges, volunteer activities, self-paced mini courses, and more. All evidence of engagement will be scored as Mojo points. Participants will be able to “cash in” up to 300 Mojo points for $300 toward qualified purchases that reduce environmental impact and/or boost wellbeing. Payouts will be executed in June and December. Some examples of reimbursable items include, but are not limited to:

• Fitness equipment (e.g. running shoes, bicycle, kayak)

• Fitness center membership fee

• Community-supported agriculture (CSA) share

• Energy-star home appliances

• Gardening supplies

• Message therapy or other alternative healing services

The 2019 wellbeing program options are being fine-tuned by the wellbeing committee. Questions can be directed to Lindsay Simpson, Organizational Wellness Lead at 802-251-3803 or lsimpson@therichardsgrp.com.

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