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Current Well-Being Opportunity


October 14 – October 27

Join the “Find Your Fun” challenge to prioritize and discover new ways to have some fun during these next two weeks!  Having fun, laughing aloud, and being around upbeat people help to shed stress, enhance the immune system, boost mood, and even lower your blood pressure. So, find your fun to improve your health!

To participate, login to the well-being portal here.

At The Richards Group it is a priority to continue developing a culture of wellbeing. Throughout 2019, employees will be able to participate in a variety of wellbeing program options such as a personal heath questionnaire, household sustainability survey, wellbeing challenges, volunteer activities, self-paced mini courses, and more. All evidence of engagement will be scored as Mojo points. Participants will be able to “cash in” up to 300 Mojo points for $300 toward qualified purchases that reduce environmental impact and/or boost wellbeing. Payouts will be executed in June and December. Some examples of reimbursable items include, but are not limited to:

• Fitness equipment (e.g. running shoes, bicycle, kayak)

• Fitness center membership fee

• Community-supported agriculture (CSA) share

• Energy-star home appliances

• Gardening supplies

• Message therapy or other alternative healing services

The 2019 wellbeing program options are being fine-tuned by the wellbeing committee. Questions can be directed to Lindsay Simpson, Organizational Wellness Lead at 802-251-3803 or lsimpson@therichardsgrp.com.

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